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Markdown Test

2020-12-04 Bruce
First test of online markdown document creation It will be a crucial determinant of the value of my static Hugo based blog software setup, whether I can in fact use it to successfully create new postings via the command line, using Markdown. HackMD may turn out to be a valuable resource, providing a space to create new documents in Markdown, but with the advantages of a Word Processor, at least until I learn Markdown more instinctually. Continue reading

Visible Trends

2020-11-30 Bruce
It is extremely difficult to know with certainty how popular digital comics are, in the broader landscape of the comics market. The major vendors do not release sales figures, nor share much financial data generally, that would show just how much is spent on digital comics (and subscriptions) or what percentage of the market digital comics occupy. In addition, the popularity of pirated digital comics remains unknown, because of the large number of avenues readers can use to illegally access unauthorized digital comics. Continue reading

Base Line

2020-11-02 Comics Bruce
My first attempt at getting something written. Almost as evil, but not quite.

I’m happy to anounce a new theme release with the powerful new status post type!

Support and Discussions

2017-11-01 Lednerb

Hey there!

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